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Healing the Past/Supporting New Growth

The Why Behind What I do…

We are born with different talents and skills, which are then shaped by our experience. No matter who we are or where we’re from, I believe our time on Earth is about learning to love each other and ourselves. It’s our job to encourage and help each other on the way, cultivate our natural drive to grow and to heal, even though we may be at different places on our path or journey.

My personality and temperament are well suited to listening deeply, caring about others, and being endlessly curious about the process of growth and transformation. My belief that we all have something to give as well as lessons to learn keeps me growing and learning from every client I serve, every workshop I teach, and every organization I work with. It’s why I do what I do, love what I do, and celebrate each day I am blessed with this work.

Individual Therapy

Counseling & Coaching

I provide a warm, supportive space to step away from life’s busy-ness to reflect on what works well for you and what you’d like to change. Together we will explore practical strategies for reclaiming balance, whatever your current challenges.

I’ve worked for many years as a social work psychotherapist and clinical gerontologist, working with adults and Elders who are concerned about aging, health, trauma, and loss. I currently hold clinical licensure in NY, and an LSW in Pennsylvania. 

Individual Therapy

Educational Offerings

We are always growing, always learning! “Care Partner Connection” is our community where you’ll find more ways to maintain your personal balance and well-being, whether you’re looking for a live workshop, custom retreat, or an engaging online course.

Individual Therapy

Consulting & Training for Organizations

Is your human service organization ready to go to the next level in providing person-directed, trauma-informed behavioral health or Elder care services?

Are you passionate about harnessing the creativity of your employee care partners?

Does your business want the edge in providing premium services to Elders?

I Help My Clients With a Range of Concerns




Elder Care

Emotional Trauma

Grief & Loss

Health Problems


Achieving Personal Goals

Alzheimer’s Communications

Creating Care Partner Teams

Embracing Elderhood

Saying No

Self-Care for Health Professionals


Work/Life Balance

Communication Skills

Critical Incident Stress Management

Eden Alternative™ Trainings

Elder-Centered Services

First Responders’ Well-Being

Grief in the Workplace

Leadership Coaching

Person-Directed Care

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I’d love to find out what I can help you with. Call (607) 351-1313 or email me for a free 20-minute consultation.


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