New Year’s Resolutions: Move from a “to DO” list to a “to BE” list.

Like many people at year’s end, I am both looking backward to reflect on all that has happened, and forward to the opportunities and blessings of a new year.

We often generate a list of resolutions for the fresh start we feel with the coming of a new year, but just as often leave our good intentions behind after a short burst of “self-improvement.”

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This year, I’m trying a completely different strategy.

This year, I will strive every day to do two simple things to bring my past and future together into a single moment of BE-ing.

First, I will cultivate a practice of gratitude. I will start and end my day by meditating on the many blessings I have in my life. This will focus me on abundance rather than scarcity, and helps keep me humble.

Second, instead of a daily “to do” list, (I am a great list-maker!), I will take a moment each morning to jot down what and how I want “to BE.” This idea comes from Elyse Hope Killoran, whom I heard speak at a recent conference presented by Casey Truffo.

When Elyse suggested that I think about what good service to others feels like, the following words came to mind: grateful, joyful, abundant, light, happy, accomplished, and balanced.

By consciously choosing to BE these things, I make decisions and act from that place, and my vision for my professional practice and for my private life becomes a reality.

Elyse recommends that we change the traditional idea that if we DO certain things, or HAVE what we want, we will then BE the person we’ve always wanted to be.

She teaches that we BE first, then DO. Only then will you HAVE what you want and need.

Elyse says, “If we have a big enough why, the hows and wheres will take care of themselves.” I am reminded of Stephen Covey’s encouragement to work on BE-ing, to cultivate gratitude, to see the world as abundant, and to live a life according to personal principles. He develops all of these ideas in his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.

Creating a “to BE” list might be one of the most powerful ways to start the New Year!

Will you try this practice and let me know how it works for you?

6 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions: Move from a “to DO” list to a “to BE” list.”

  • Pat Kendall-Lloyd:

    That’s great advice. I will print it and try to be a better “to be” person in 2012. Heaps of New Year’s Blessings. MOM

  • Robert Levine:

    I love it! The idea of contemplating what I would like to be as opposed to what I would like to do for any given day is so simple, yet revolutionary. I, too, am a master list-maker and will consider making lists of how to be as well as what to do. Thank you!

    • Lisa Kendall:

      It’s a great shift in consciousness, to really exist in the moment as opposed to the past or the future. All things are provided for us in the now! Great to hear from you, Robert; Happy New Year!

  • Thanks, Mom! The trick (for all of us) is to just be, and not to try to be, because that implies that you have to take some kind of action, (or “do”) something. You already ARE, so to be, all you need to do is let go of the idea that you have to work to get there! Does that make sense?? Sending you lots of Love and a Happy New Year!!

  • I love this post Lisa!

    Wonderful advice to be conscious of what I want to BE today!

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