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  • Sharon Lloyd-O'Connor:

    Hello, dear Lisa –

    You’ve been in my mind since last we connected via email.

    Thank you, as always for your touch in our world – somehow combining lightness and power, wrapped in caring.

    I miss you and find myself wishing yet again that I could be back in Ithaca. Some day.

    I’m headed off today to meet the director of and QA team for a five-jurisdiction “District Home” on a large campus which houses assisted living and a skilled nursing home.

    March 11-12 I present another Care PArtner Workshop.

    Nerves all over again!


    • Lisa Kendall:

      Hi, Sharon!! I’ve been thinking of you, too, and we definitely need to catch up! Sounds like you have many wonderful projects at hand, and I am so impressed with your ability to pull it all off with grace. Best of luck with this next workshop – I know you will shine — as always!! Take care, Lisa K.

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