The True Heart of Caregiving

I stumbled onto a music video this morning that really spoke to everything I’ve loved about working with Elders and their care partners for the last 28 years.  It was so sweet and so beautifully done, I had to sit down and find a way to share it with you.

This story shows with great poignancy the deep connections that often form between Elders and those who care for them, and how both benefit from the relationship. 

Genuine, loving care is both given and received in this tender relationship! 

Loneliness, helplessness, and boredom, the three plagues of Elderhood described by Dr. Bill Thomas, co-founder of the Eden Alternative, are vanquished for both the Elder and the young man in this lovely story.

I wasn’t able to embed the video here, but I believe it is worth your visit away from my site to see Brett Eldredge’s music video, “Raymond” at youtube. 

Just grab a few tissues, click HERE, and come back to comment on your reactions to the video.   You can also visit Brett Eldredge’s website – this talented young man is raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease.

Thanks for spending some time with me today; please visit again!

Lisa Kendall is a clinical social worker and clinical social work gerontologist in private practice in Ithaca, NY.  She is an Eden at Home Educator committed to changing the culture of care for Elders and their care partners.  Learn more about Eden at Home and the Eden Alternative at

14 Responses to “The True Heart of Caregiving”

  • Jessica:

    This is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lisa Kendall:

      Thanks for visiting; I’d love it if the message went viral. It’s a great video in and of itself, but the underlying idea that there are antidotes to the plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom is the real story. We really can have these great connections, there really is joyfulness in Elderhood, and I love that “Raymond” found a kind of family in his relationship that he’d never had before. Feel free to share and to subscribe! Take care, Lisa K.

  • Pat Kendall Lloyd:

    That is so sad, beautiful and real. Did you see that “Driving Miss Daisy” is coming to Broadway. James Earl Jones is Hoke; Vanessa Redgrave is Daisy.

    • Lisa Kendall:

      Thanks for viewing the video, Mrs. Lloyd!! You’re the best. I’d love to see Mr. Jones and Ms. Redgrave on Broadway… another interesting story about Elder relationships!

  • Judy:

    It’s an awesome video. I have a friend who is just over 60 and diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. I hope she can find a place for me in her world.

    • Lisa Kendall:

      Thank you for watching the video and for visiting the website. I’d like to reccomend Dr. Al Power’s book, Dementia Beyond Drugs, for a new look at Alzheimer’s Disease. For so many people with cognitive illnesses, the real problem is that we don’t find places for them in our worlds. I know you will do this for your friend. Thanks again for visiting – I hope you’ll come back often and stay a vibrant voice in the conversation here!

  • Yes! The concepts this music video conveys – that anyone who looks deeply enough into the Elder will find a connection and will be moved by it while they are moving the Elder, is a beautiful one! Surely, building these connections will help to relieve these plagues!

    Since we met in that first Eden at Home training with the amazing Laura Beck, I’ve been coming across many, many folks who are doing similar work: Dawn Nelson, author of From the Heart through the Hands; Naomi Feil with her Validation Technique; Al Power, author of Dementia Beyond Drugs, Lydia Burdick, author of The Sunshine on My Face and the staff I am privileged to work beside at Beechtree Care Center!

    I love networking and will see what I can do to share Brett’s song with my friends and colleagues. Thanks for sharing!


    • Lisa Kendall:

      Thank you, Suzanne. You just reminded me to get a link up to your caring massage service that is especially sensitive to the needs of Elders, too! Let’s stay in touch.

  • Patrice:

    That was beautiful…
    you’re right …
    & thanks for sharing yourself
    Hope this finds you Well

    • Lisa Kendall:

      Thank you, Patrice! It’s great to hear from you; I hope you’ll come back often to share your wisdom on this site! Take care, Lisa K.

  • Lisa,
    I am so thankful that you shared this beautiful song/story that tells such a story of the heart. I haven’t heard this song yet and am now wanting to possibly see him live at the Grand Ole Opry (I live 20 minutes from there) to support a musician who sings a song about relationships that so many of us have similar memories of.

    I can’t wait to follow you on your blog.


    • Lisa Kendall:

      Thank you, Meredith! It’s such a beautiful song and well-done video that really captures the essence of a close and loving relationship, and I was so fortunate to have seen it and been able to share it. I appreciate your comments and hope you’ll become a regular contributor to this site! Let me know if you see Brett in concert – he’s predicted to be “the next big thing!”

  • dear lisa, i just attended your conference in tarentum, pa. i learned so much and i have been sharing this concept with others at work, not only thru what i say but how i choose to spend my time with the participents. the video just goes to show how just a simple thing can bring so much happiness to someone else. this lady can live out the rest of her days thinking she is with her son raymond . god bless have a great day.

    • Lisa Kendall:

      Hi, Cathy! It’s great to hear from you; I think of our time together often, and hope folks got my note (sometimes my hotmail goes into junk mail files). I’m glad the Eden philosophy is growing in your heart and in your practice with the Elders. Once you start to see things with “Eden eyes,” you can’t really go back! Please stay in touch, and take care, Lisa K.

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