Will Oprah Embrace Aging? Will you?

Have you ever thought about Aging as a good thing? 

We tend to think about Elderhood as a period of decline and loss, but Dr. Bill Thomas, co-founder of the “Eden Alternative” philosophy of care, has worked for years and all around the world to bring a new message about the gifts of Aging and Elderhood.

Elders and the people who care for them have a voice, but it is often not heard in a culture that values youth, productivity, and physical strength.

Listen to Dr. Thomas and his message for Oprah, then check out the beautiful videos that many ordinary people have posted to YouTube to honor the Elders in their lives! 

Let me know what you think — can we embrace Aging and change the culture of care together?

2 Responses to “Will Oprah Embrace Aging? Will you?”

  • Thank you Lisa for pointing me to Bill Thomas’ You Tube video “Hello Oprah” and thus to the challenge to viewers to put up their own experience of Elders.

    I am imaging a video made by several of the staff at Beechtree – all of us telling how caring for Elders moves us.

    Today I began giving a New Year’s gift to staff of Beechtree by offering a free 10 minute chair massage. I saw 7 people today and several conversations revolved around their work with Elders and the passion they have for that work. I will try to get a group together with a videographer I know and put up those messages.

  • What a great way to start the New Year! I would love to hear the stories from the Elders and care partners at Beechtree; please keep me posted!!

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