Reflections from the Crossroads

The Wisdom of Elderhood; Fact or Fiction?

There is a common cultural ideal that the older one gets, the wiser one grows.  Perhaps that is why we say "there's no fool like an old fool" -- by the time you've reached a certain age, you're supposed to know better. But is it true that with age comes experience,...

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Eden at Home Certified Trainer Workshop coming to Syracuse!

I’m on the road again!!

It is my GREAT pleasure to be able to announce an upcoming Eden at Home Certified Trainer workshop.

Please join us for three days of learning and sharing and fun…

Don’t miss the opportunity to change the culture of care for Elders and care partners in your organization, faith community, community at large, your agency, and your world!

It CAN be different… Please be sure to join us!

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A Celtic Formula for Healing

I remember reading once that the Ancient Celtic prescription for physical and emotional healing was "laughter, sorrow, and rest."  (If you know where I heard this, please let me know and I'll give proper attribution!) This weekend I was reminded of this great advice...

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The Universe is Knocking…

Has a little voice been whispering to you about something? Maybe your cough hasn't gone away, and you haven't called your physician yet.  Or what about that loose railing on your porch? You think of getting out the toolkit every time you feel that wobble, but you just...

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Bereaved Families Unite for Worldwide Candle Lighting

Please join me on December 12th in remembering our children who have died, and the bereaved parents they leave behind.  The following press release from The Compassionate Friends explains the annual Worldwide Candle-Lighting, and how you can join us on Sunday evening,...

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Passionate about person-directed, trauma-informed, and strengths-based approaches to care that maximize well-being for every member of the care partner team!

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